Jun 19, 2018 · It details that regulated restrictive practices must only be used in accordance with a participant’s Behaviour Support Plan (BSP). This plan will need to be developed by a registered specialist behaviour support provider. These providers must be Registered and Certified by the Quality and Safeguarding Commission. They are also the only people ... The NDIA Price Guide is not a comprehensive list of all available supports, nor does it prescribe the only supports funded by the NDIS. Although they are not listed in this document, each support category has many specific supports and services that are recognised in the NDIS payment system.

The focus of Behaviour Support is a comprehensive assessment of why the behaviour occurs and development of a written behaviour support plan that gives those who support the person strategies to follow when the behaviour occurs and in general with the person to reduce the need for them to use these behaviours. action plan that included the aims of: 1. establishing a philosophical underpinning for the management of challenging behaviour 2. developing an agreed framework of evidence to support approaches for the management of challenging behaviour 3. mapping the community’s (including universal providers) capacity to support