School is just around the corner and we know many of you are wanting to add some drama to your church service or youth group. We have put together our Top 10 list of scripts that are perfect for this Back to School time of year. Some are funny, dramatic and a little bit of both. Anchoring Script for the Teacher’s Day Anchoring Script for the Teacher’s Day. Ladies and gentlemen, we are thankful to God who brings us to this moment. We are from many countries; we speak various languages, and we are from different traditions. Also, our backgrounds and cultures are as different as we are.

26 January Anchoring Speech Lines in English – Republic Day Gantantra Diwas Anchoring Script हिंदी 2K20 : Friends, today I have brought patriotism and speeches to all of you, which you can speak in your school, college and any political program and tell other people the feelings of love. One of many Short Comedy Play Scripts For High Schools, Junior High Schools, Middle Schools and Churches, let the jester tickle your funny bone with this retelling of an Arthurian legend filled with puns, slapstick humor and audience interaction!. If we see, In a way life itself is a drama and we are all artists playing our roles assigned to us by god. At the moment it’s time for our subsequent act i.e. a play Titled “ONE DAY. Anchor 1: One day is a play about _____ (Description about the play) (AFTER THE PERFORMANCE)