Aug 09, 2019 · How to connect your wireless printer in Windows 10. ... Change the default printer. Windows will attempt to set the default printer by selecting the one used most recently on the connected network ... I have disabled the option to "Let Windows manage my default printer" and manually set the default printer to an HP LaserJet P4014 printer that uses the HP LaserJet P4014/4015 PCL6 Class Driver. The issue is that Office 2016 appears to ignore the default printer set in Windows and always uses the "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer. In the Selected Printer In Print Dialog menu (Mac OS X v10.4.x) or the Default Printer menu (Mac OS X v10.5.x), select a printer that is connected to your computer locally (not via a network) or a document printer, such as Adobe PDF.

Nov 21, 2015 · “Let Windows manage my default printer” is new to Windows 10 version 1511. When left on its default setting of On, Windows 10 will always configure the default printer to be the most recently-used printer. I’ve found this setting to be undesirable.