This is used as a sort of "bondo" to fill in cracks and deformations in the bodywork. Unlike bondo, the ABS cement will melt and fuse with the ABS bodywork, making a uniform repair material. Home Depot or anywhere that sells plumbing supplies usually carries something like Oatey Low VOC ABS Cement. Sandpaper and a sanding block L&W Supply in Bradenton, FL is your #1 trusted source for building materials and construction supplies. See why the pros trust L&W Supply. Learn more here. I am currently remodeling my bathroom. In the process I am now at the point of hanging the cement board. The ceiling to this bathroom is about 8 feet above the shower and so I was first of all going to hang cement board ,since I have plenty. Then it occured to me that it might be difficult to get a nice smoot look over cement board.

Using a 6" finishing knife and Gold Bond Ready-Mix Joint Compound, apply joint compound directly over the joint created between the existing wallboard and the new piece; then embed Gold Bond Joint Tape in the joint. Press down with the knife, wiping excess compound away.