Look no further for .450 Bushmaster ammunition! We have the top brands for your rifle at the best prices, ready to ship right to your door nationwide! Hodgdon H110 Smokeless Powder for reloading, in store sales only. Our Venice store serves the Florida west coast including Venice, Sarasota, Tampa, Port Charlotte and Fort Myers areas. PICKUP ONLY, NOT SHIPPED. Buy buttons are disabled for HazMat products. They can only be purchased in the store or over the phone.

Why does my velocity differ from the velocity on your load data sheets? Inceptor uses barrels that are made to SAAMI specifications. Differences in the powder lot or rifling, barrel lengths, chambers, barrel temperature, etc., of the firearm can cause either an increase or decrease in advertised velocity. Lee Precision Pacesetter 4-Die Set .450 Bushmaster. The Lee Precision .450 Bushmaster Pacesetter 4-Die Set is perfect for the beginning or experienced reloader. The set is made of steel and includes a Full Length Sizing Die which produces ammunition to factory-new specifications, using cases fired in other guns.