How To Convert Your Bench Grinder to any atachments! {14 , Dec 13, 2015· How To Convert Your Bench Grinder to any atachments! {14}, This video explains how to convert a bench grinder to accept attachments and alternative wheels for angle grinders and hand grinders, Chat Now; My grinder to belt sander conversion:: | Garage Workshop ,

Feb 07, 2014 · Here's how to turn some junk parts into a good 1-1/2 x 30 inch belt grinder attachment for your Craftsman block motor, or similar grinder. A few years ago I replaced the timing belt, water pump, and idler pulleys on my Isuzu Rodeo. I kept the pieces in my junk box and this week I decided to make a belt grinder attachment out of them. Apr 19, 2014 · I decided to make Mazzer Super Jolly doser to doserless custom modification and I documented the process and hopefully this report can help somebody who is attempting something similar. All the credit goes to the guy who wrote the instructions I used (linked further down) and this post is merely a report of my experience following said ... My grinder to belt sander conversion: Blacksmith Tools Blacksmith Projects Welding Projects Belt Grinder Knife Grinder Conversion Tool Knife Making Tools Blacksmithing Knives Diy Belts More information